Your Sacred Story

Let me help you hear your still small voice.


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Welcome to Your Sacred Story.  I am Tony Lorenzen and this is my spiritual life coaching ministry.   I am happy you’re here.  Your Sacred Story is a pastoral ministry in which I serve as a spiritual companion and spiritual guide on your journey.   My role in our conversations is to help you hear the sacred story in your own life.  I also work with folks to develop their own individual spirituality and spiritual practices.

This ministry is for you if:

  • You are spiritual but not religious.
  • You are a member of the largest “religious” group in America, the “nones.”
  • You want to talk with someone about matters of the heart and things of the spirit, but you aren’t looking to join a church or have a pastor.
  • You are a Unitarian Universalist or progressive Christian.
  • You have been hurt or wounded by religion or a particular religious community and are trying to re-establish a relationship with God or trying to re-establish a sacred center for yourself.
  • You are facing an important decision or fork in your life’s journey.  You know there’s more to the decision than just weighing the pros and cons, but what that “something more” is seems elusive.
  • You have had a long-standing relationship with God, but now that relationship is either changing or stagnating.
  • You have had long standing religious beliefs and practices, but something has happened that is making you question your beliefs and practices and once certain ground now seems unsteady.

The term commonly used for this ministry is Spiritual Direction.   Take the next step in your journey. Let me have the honor of walking with you and helping you hear your own sacred story.

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